Case Study @ RarelyDecaf

Scaling Patient Recruitment to 10K+
Through Design

How a healthcare-focused research services firm, scaled its recruiting systems to engage more than 10,000 users across 55+ countries. Project done together with team.
Web Design
Product Strategy
Product Design (UX/UI)
Design Systems
2023 - 2024
Senior Product Designer

Project Background

The client is a patient-owned co-op that connects individuals with health experiences to companies and researchers. They facilitate opportunities like surveys, interviews, and product testing for patients to share their insights and opinions on various health-related topics. They also ensure fair compensation for participants and maintains data privacy. Their core mission is to provide direct patient input to health innovators, aiding in the creation of new products and policies.

In 2023, together with the Rarely Decaf team we set out to transform and refresh their core recruitment platform, resulting in growing their community by more than 10k+ users in 50+ countries. You can finish reading the case study here.
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