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I'm Alvaro Flores
a Product Designer & Creative
Developer based in Milano, It.

I'm Alvaro Flores
a Product Designer & Creative Dev
based in Milano, Italy.

With 8+ years of experience, I transform complexity into clarity using systems-thinking* to craft unique experiences, brands, and websites.

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[ Publications ]

Augment Reality Application For Collaborative Art

Prototyping User EXperience in EXtended Reality (2023 Springer)

[ I can help you with ]

Research & Evaluation

Using techniques and methods like usability Testing, A/B Testing, Interviews to understand and meet user needs.

Product Strategy

End-to-end product development, using frameworks like systems thinking,  value proposition design (JTBD), and lean thinking.

Product & Brand Design

Using tools like Figma + adobe suit I'm able to deliver compelling visual experiences and brands.

Design[Creative] Engineering

React, Nextjs or plain javascript to deliver unique web experiences. Also, I'm a fan of no-code tools like Webflow, Framer and WeWeb.

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